Scorpio Woman Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

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However, in most instances, a Scorpio man is up to the challenge of having an exceptionally high sex-drive himself. Here is a more detailed insight into what a Scorpio man is like in bed.

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Due to their hot and zesty spirit, their sex life will be far from boring. In order to make this dynamic work well, each partner needs to bring sensitivity and affection to their encounters and maintain a bond of emotional closeness. Sharing a commonality of emotional intensity, they can both easily delve into the emotional depths with each other, for good or for bad.

Scorpio Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility

In a positive sense, this can be a fantastic experience for both of them. In the negative sense, however, stingers can come out and neither is likely to forget emotional hurt easily. Love-making can often be intense, passionate and highly erotic.

Scorpio Woman

Both love to experiment and are willing to try anything once. If they like it then they will keep doing it. For this couple nothing is off-limits, even pushing the boundaries of pleasure and pain. Despite this, between a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman who gel well, there can be an almost psychic experience both in love-making and raw animalistic sex, where they are so in tune with one another they instinctively know what the other wants and needs.

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Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

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Being a fixed sign, both the Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman are very slow to make the first move towards a reconciliation , and both find it very hard to forgive and forget. Scorpio man Scorpio woman compatibility is undoubtedly magnetic, and this is a couple which can, if they get the magic right, soar to heights few other couples can match.

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Scorpio Woman Scorpio Man – A Compatible Match

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