Venus enters Scorpio

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Newer Post Older Post Home. I completed my studies and iam in a serious relationship with a girl, can u please let me know to my email id whether our horoscopes matches or will there be any problems in future if i marry her. It will be really helpful. Thanks for the help. Her dob is: 19 May 82 at pm in Ambala Cantt. Now we want to match it to a guy and his dob is: Jan 14, , at 1. We are really interested in the family but again both of them have madhya nadi dosha.

Is there a remedy for this. Can they get married? My family believes in matching horoscopes and would only get this done if the effect of nadi dosha can be cancelled. They both agree that my daughter and the boy are manglik but your match making programme keeps saying that the boy is not manglik.

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The details of my daughter are as follows:. While i did a match charts using ur software.. Recently a guy proposed me to marry him.. Now I am in a dilemma whether I should say yes or no as I believe strongly in match-making of horoscopes for a succesful marriage.. Plz tell me whether he will be a good match for me or not? I really need your help as he is in deeply love with me. Hello Kshitij, A very happy and prosperous new year to you!

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However, I have been in a long term relationship 7 years but when i matched my kundali with the girl, to my surprise, only 5. Is this a critical situation I am in now.

Sun enters Scorpio

Because we plan to get married this year and when our parents would match our kundali, everything would go drastically wrong, being their firm believers of Kundali matching. Brother, please help me as it has become impossible for both of us to live without each other. Is it a drastic faliure of a marrige if only 5. I am in urgent need of your help…. If guna matching really affects my being with the girl, it would wrap up my entire life, as it is next to impossible living without somebody who helped me become the successful man I am today.

Everything is useless without her being there……please help me out of the critical situation…. Dear sir, can you please match myself and my partner for suitability for marriage. On the applet we scored 28, but Yoni was 0. How will this affect us? Dear Sir. If varna and bhakoota matches are both zero points — what specific issues will the match face?


Dear Sir, would you please match myself with my partner for marriage suitability? My partners and mine kundali is matching with But hers Gana is Rakshas and mine is Mnushya. Hers Yoni is Tiger and mine is Cow can we marry to each other. Dear Sharmaji, I have 2 horoscopes the groom and the bride horoscope. I dont want to disclose my name either brides name. I am mentioning the details Can u advice me whether the Horoscope match making results are beneficial for us or not. I would appreciate your urgent reply with regards to marriage.

U can email me on namujoshi6 yahoo. I have been in a relationship for the past 6 years and now we are thinking of getting married and on going through kundli match our match is just I m in love with a person. We wish to marry. I tried for kundali matching,but i am unable to access the site. So i dont know wat is the score of our kundali match. Sir,pls help me sir. If u dont mind,pls mail our match to deepa. Sir please consider my request.

We are now in case of emergency. Please sir. I have matched my kundli with that of my girlfriend.

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But the score in Nadi is zero. For all other areas we have full score. Please tell us the consequences and how to remove the same. I am a mangalik whereas my girlfriend is not a mangalik.

Please respond on my mail ID. If a particular horoscope does not match by seeing the kundali but there are some persons who have internal powers and they say by seeing the Date of birth and the respective persons photogarph that, their marriage life wont have any problems.

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I mean kundali says it does not match but the persons with internal powers says there wont be any problem. How far this is true. Birth time p. I want to know that when will my daughter get married. Are there any dosha in her kundli because we are getting marital proposals for her but due to one or another reason matters do not get finalized. Sir please send reply to my queries as soon as possible as we are very worried regarding her marriage.

I will aslo provide the details of my husband and mine. We love each other a lot, and somehow things are not working. I am not sure about the manglik status also. Sir, Please confirm whether there is Kalasarpa yoga in the horoscope of my daughter. The astrologers I consulted are differing. I would like to hear your evaluation. Time of birth: 7. We both want to marry each other but parents deny. Did you see any problem in our kundalis? Is our marriage possible? I like a person.

But my parents are against this relation. We have known each other since childhood.